About Myself to introduce...Myself.

Yes, the dork to the left is me.

I'm simply a guy that likes to watch lots of movies.  It's always been a hobby of mine, even as a kid.  My family and friends were always into having movie nights, whether it was simply for new releases, or a theme night.  I can always remember all of us anticipating the big, summer movies each year.

I was also fortunate that some of my first jobs were working at local video stores, so it allowed me to watch a lot of different films.  I think that's part of where my love of bad horror films came from.

Over the years, my friends have always asked me what my dream job is, or why I'm not a movie critic, and my answer to that would always be something like, "I don't have any background in film, or even writing."  Several of my friends said, "So what?  Start a blog."

So that's exactly what I did.  If you go back an look at the history, you can see that I started off pretty rough, and most of my earlier posts were from back when I still used this as a training log.  I started to take the movie reviewing a little more seriously over time, and added links to videos, IMDB pages, and occasional pictures.  It's a ongoing process, and I'm sure it'll keep evolving as long as I continue to do this and people keep reading.  Eventually, I'd like to get some video reviews out there or do some podcast-type thing, as any of my friends will tell you that I'm definitely a 'talker'.

Sometimes I'll be funny, sometimes I'll be full of shit, but I promise I'll always be honest though.  If a movie is worth seeing or not, I'll tell you.  My goal is simply to make sure you don't waste time watching shitty movies, and maybe you enjoy reading my blog from time to time. I do this because I love watching and talking about movies.  From time to time, I'll throw up some random musings about movies, Star Wars related topics, or just things going on in my life.

As you'd guess, I'm a big geek at heart, so you'll often see references to Sci-Fi and comics sprinkled in my reviews, or bizarre TV show references.

I know sometimes debate can be a little heated and sometimes feelings get hurt, but at the end of the day, remember that a movie review is essentially just an opinion, whether is comes from a professional critic, or just some guy that likes watching a lot of movies.  It's okay to disagree, and we're never going to be 100 percent in agreement on every film.  I'm all for open dialog though, so don't be afraid to comment if you disagree.  I tend to have a bit of a sarcastic sense of humor, so don't take it personally if I come off that way.  The one thing I'll always try to be here is respectful.  I don't have a lot of tolerance for being condescending, so call me out if you catch me doing it.

If you want to keep the dialog going, feel free to look me up on Twitter or Facebook (you can see applets that link to both my profiles to your right.  You can also email me at dmi_total_package@yahoo.com

Happy watching and hope you enjoy the blog!

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