Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Devil Inside - Movie Review

So we're only in the first week of the year and I already found a candidate for one of the worst films of 2012.  Seriously!   I'm going to spoil this movie, so if you genuinely interested in seeing this piece of shit movie, then stop reading now because I'm about to spoil the whole point of the movie in the next paragraph.

I'm not even going to waste time, the reason this movie is so insultingly bad is that just as the movie gets interesting, it fades to black and then tells you to go to a website to find out how the story ends.  What?!  I just watched 90 min of a movie to be told to go to the Internet to see how it ends up?  That's bullshit!

This is at least the third film I've seen in the last year that's pulled this crap and I can't believe they are still trying to do it.  It's extremely insulting!  Nobody should pay for this and I have no problem with spoiling this and advising people to avoid it.

That's almost all I really need to say bout the movie, but I'll briefly talk about it just so you understand that I actually sat through this shit.

The movie is about Isabella Rossi, played by Ferdanda Andrade.  While she is an attractive, young woman, she is one of the worst actresses I've seen in a long time.  Her performance reminded me of an android.  If you want me to buy into the found footage premise, you could at least make me believe the performance was from a human being, or at least one that can act.

Anyway, the movie starts with the premise that her mother went insane 20 years ago and killed some people during a supposed, and unsanctioned, exorcism.  They are quick to point out during the opening credits that the Vatican did not approve of this exorcism, or of this movie!  Oh really?  Imagine that!  Anyway, Isabella is going to Rome to visit her mother and figure out if her mother was possessed or just plain crazy.

I have to admit that this movie had me for a bit. There are actually some cool and violent things that happen as the movie goes on.  They actually did a halfway decent job of making me feel like I was watching a documentary about exorcism..  The movie had a good pace and I was genuinely interested in what was going on, despite that you know it's all a setup for something that's fake.  Again, up until the ending it actually worked and it's a shame.

This was written and directed by William Brent Bell, who I think should be beaten to a pulp for this movie.  The fact that he thought it was okay to release a movie like this shows ultimate contempt for his audience.  I didn't see this in a packed movie theater, and even then I heard people complain and ask for their money back as they walked out.  It's that bad.

The Devil Inside is honestly one of the worst films I've seen in years.  While I admit that I was kind of with it, even with a better ending, it still would have been a mediocre film at best. I cannot in good conscience recommend this to anyone.  It's insulting this movie was made the way it was.  Do not see this in the theater and do not rent it.

0.5 (out of 5) Death Stars.  I only give it .5 instead of 0 because there were some points I thought worked.

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