Sunday, July 24, 2011

Captain America - Movie Review

Captain America! F-Yeah, coming along to save the mother-effing Summer!

Okay, it's not that good, but it's still pretty damn good. Honestly, I think Captain America's biggest flaw is that it didn't come out sooner. They really messed up not bringing this out on 4th of July. So what if it was competing against Transformers 3. Transformers 3 sucked, and is anyone talking about that movie anymore. Nope!

I'm never been a Captain America comic reader. I always thought he was the cheesiest of the comic book characters. He just seemed goofy. Does he even have a super power? They actually explain that here, along with his motivation and character.

It starts with showing a sickly looking person, Steve Rogers, played by a I-don't-know-how-they-did-it Chris Evans. He shows, through his actions, that while he's not a physical guy at all, he's got all the heart in the world. It's this heart that gets him chosen to be the guinea pig for the original Super Solider serum.

However, after he's given the serum and transformed into a more physical presence, instead of just launching him into the role of hero, they put him into a war propaganda role that he actually wants nothing do with. He just wants to fight. That's Steve Rogers character in a nutshell; he's always just wanted a shot to do his part.

What the movie shows you is not that Captain America is the best superhero. It shows you that he's the best team player.  He doesn't want the all the credit or the glory.  He just wants to do his job.  It's like a star quarterback never taking credit for the victory, even though he threw for 600 yards, 5 TDs (with 2 more rushing) and no INTs.  Then he says after the game that it was 'a total team effort.'  If you combined Peyton Manning. Joe Montana and Tom Brady and then gave him super powers, he'd be Captain America. Something like that.

There's really not a lot I can say about the movie without spoiling anything. Hugo Weaving is great as he always is, but a bit underused. Tommy Lee Jones has a short, but good role. Hayley Atwell is capable, but I didn't think she was anything special as far has her performance. I think she could have been interchanged with just about any other actress and it probably wouldn't have made much of a difference.

It has plenty of great action sequences and I felt like it was paced pretty well. I liked the whole retro vibe of it and I think that really helped sell the movie.

Oh, this has the best post-credits sequence of all of the Marvel movies! Stay until the end and you'll get The Avengers teaser trailer and you don't even need to go to ComicCon.

Anyway, I really enjoyed Captain America this is a total full price movie for me. I didn't see this one in 3D, but this is something that might have worked in 3D. Once again, the 3D was done it post, which usually looks bad, but there were a few times he throws his shield around that probably would have looked pretty cool in 3D.

Otherwise, just go see this. If you liked Thor or X-Men: First Class, you'll like this just as much, if not more.

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