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This week in DVD - October 9th.

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Meek's Cutoff.

Good cast, but boring-ass movie.  If you suffer from insomnia, then this is a pretty good movie to watch.  How is a modern movie done in 4:3?  Did I hit the wrong button on the DVD?'s just a bunch of people walking for miles and miles.  It's funny cause when I was watching it, I started thinking of There Will Be Blood and how the first 10-15 minutes of that movie, there's very little dialog.  The different is with TWBB is that it's actually interesting and then movie develops and stuff actually happens.  In Meek's Cutoff, NOTHING HAPPENS!  They walk, then walk some more, then set up camp, cook, drink water, have conversations about nothing, and then repeat the process.  That's pretty much the whole effing movie.  The ending is so what the eff that I can't believe it actually happened.  It's a non-ending if I've ever seen one.

Don't watch this.  I'd mention the cast, but I don't want to tarnish their reputations.

Transformers 3: Dark Side of the Moon

I watched this 'masterpeice' again over the weekend, but you can see my original review here:

I managed to pick up few things the second time around that slightly addressed some of my nitpikcy issues pointed out in my review.  However,  the sad part is that on a second viewing, I found this movie WORSE.  The characters were more annoying and I found myself going, 'that's stupid' more.  I guess that's a Michael Bay film for you.  Bad movies don't hold up to repeat viewings.  I'm ashamed this film did so well in the theater.  We're just encouragng him.

I'd tell you to pass on watching this, but if you skipped in the theater, you're probably itching to watch it.  It's worth renting and watching...once.

Fast Five

I'd post my old review, but I really didn't write all that much about it.  It's funny when I go back and read some of my old reviews.  My writing sucked even more back then, but at least I say more about the movie and I'm more thorough.  But, I digress...

I actually liked Fast Five, and this is coming from someone that isn't a big fan of the franchise.  In fact, outside of the first one, I've thought these all sucked.  Even the first film isn't great by any means, but it was at least entertaining and had it's moments.  Anyway, with Fast Five I thought they did a good job of transitioning from being just another car chase movie, to more of a heist movie.  It's over the top, but in a fun way.  It was a good start the fun summer movie season where you can shut your brain off, but not feel bad for doing it.  The current DVD release is an extended version, so I'll probably check it out again eventually to see the longer version, as I haven't seen it since the original theatrical release.

It's worth a rental.


Here's a good example of a short, little documentary that you'll find interesting and care about what's goign on, even it's not really your thing.  Don't get me wrong, I don't hate horses or anything like that, but watching a documentary about a horse traininer doesn't sound all that interesting to me.  However, they did a good job and I ended up being facinated.

This follows Buck Brannaman, who was essentially the inspiration for the main character in The Horse Whisperer novel. They even brought him in as a consultant when they made a movie and show you a few behind the scenes on The Horse Whisperer and Robert Redford tells a few stories about the guy.   Cesar Melan has nothing on Buck!

It's not just about how he trains horses though.  They do go into Buck the man and that's just as interesting.  He had an upbringing that would have affected most people in a much different way.  It's interesting to see how he treats animals and the man he's become as opposed to the household he was raised in.

You see him with the horses and he's able to make them do whatver they want in a matter of minutes.  Their owners are stunned.  Even as you're watching it, you can't believe how he can handle these horses.   Buck really is The Horse Whisperer!

This is one of those movies that if you didn't like it, then you might not have a heart or something.  You might even make you tear up a little at points.

Directed by first time director Cindy Meehl and I think she did a fantastic job.  I'm normally not as engaged and invested in a documenatary as I was with Buck.

I highly recommend renting this.  This is a great documentary!

Scream 4

I was disappointed in this.  It's better than Scream 3, but I think this franchise is on it's last legs.  It just wasn't all that interesting to me.  The kills were very boring and had no imagination.  I'm not expecting Final Destination or Saw here, but everything was a stab to the gut.  This got an R rating, but I didn't see anything here that someone in the 13-17 year old range wouldn't have been able to handle.

I thought the interaction between Ghostface and Sidney (Neve Campbell returning in her role) was fun, and Ghostface in general was funny, but otherwise, it was too long.  The Scream series was never about actually being scary than it was being silly or meta.  I think they overdid it with the meta though and it wasn't quite as funny as I would have hoped.

Still, not a bad rental if you're a fan of the series.


Quirky, indie film about a boy that's a bit of an oddball.  He starts dating a girl that's emotionally distant and a bit of an oddball herself.  His parents aren't doing well and things are made worse by the fact their neighbor is an old flame of his Mom.

I like independent films, but sometimes they try to be independent.  I got a little bit of that here.  It's not bad, but there were parts were I wanted to just fast forward through it.

Some funny moments, but the pacing was a little slow.  If you like indy films, then this is worth a rent.

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