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Last week in DVD - November 27th

Okay, short DVD post because I'm lagging.


Here was my original review.

It's still a remake/reboot of something nobody was asking for, and then they didn't do anything to make it better.  You're still better off watching the original Conan with Arnold, and again, if you really want a good laugh, watch it with Arnold's commentary track.

Super 8

Original review here.  I kind of got a weird laugh out of reading my review again.  It's just interesting to see how much more blah I wright in my reviews now than even just a few months ago.  Plus, I also try not to write them after a heavy amount of drinking (although it still happens).

The Devil's Double

Okay, this one was interesting movie.  It's based on true events and I'm sure some of what's in the movie was done for dramatic purposes, but DAMN!  You know how they alwasy used to say that Saddam Hussein had a double?  Well, so did his son, Uday Hussein.  The movie follows the story of Uday picking an old school friend, Latif Yahia, to be his double.  Dominic Cooper plays both roles, and he does a fantastic job.  He really is able to keep the personalitiy of both roles very distinct.  At times I had to remind myself that both roles were played by the same person.  It's not like how Armie Hammer played both Winklevoss twins in The Social Network.  It's way more involved than that.  Plus, you also get to see what a raving lunatic Uday Hussein was.

I highly recommend renting this one.

The Family Tree

I didn't like this, despite having a lot of people I liked in it.  It's one of those messed up family comedy/dramas, but just isn't that good.  Hope Davis plays a woman who's cheating on her husband, suffers a head injury during one of her cheating sex sessions and then loses her memory to just after she got married.  You know, back when she was still happy in her relationship.  It's kind an interesting concept actually, but just not done very well.  Then, the movie devolved into lame slapstick at the end.  I really had to work to get through it.



Indie movie written, directed and staring Evan Glodell.  It's basically about a bunch of weird hipsters with an apocalypse and Mad Max fetish.  They build flamethrowers and other weapons in the hope for a future like what you see in Mad Max.  Then, one of the guys starts dating a girl and gets all weird on her.  However, she sleeps around with a dude that rolls in the same circle as them, so then they deal with that.  None of these people appeared to have jobs and no real problem screwing friends over.  So you know, real likeable people.

Then, the end goes 'experimental' and gives you two different scenarios on how the story plays out.  There are some ridiculous things that happen during this part of the movie that I just couldn't buy into.  Other movies have handled the two alternate outcomes thing much better.

I'm hearing a big deal about how Evan Glodell, is the new Tarantino and I just don't see it.  Tarantino characters have better dialog and are more interesting, even when you know they are bad people.  This is just a bunch of whiny hipsters that you end up not really liking.  The dialog is knowhere near the Tarantino level either.  Maybe he'd do better with a story he didn't write himself and didn't put himself in the movie.

I say pass.

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