Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Leg day?

I posted this on Facebook earlier, but it's funny how a few push-ups and chins can make you so sore. My entire back is sore despite just doing chins. Normally, I just get a little lat and rear delt soreness. Damn layoffs!

While watching TV last night, I also did a little bit of grip work using my Ivanko Super Gripper, so my hands and forearms are a little sore as well.

Another interesting thing is how deceiving bloat is. This morning I weighed 193.8, almost a full 5 pounds down from Monday. Funny how just a little bit of sweating can make that much of a difference.

On to today's training.

I did about 10 minutes lower body foam rolling and then did the following.

Goblet Squats - 35lb x 10, 10, 10, 55lb x 10, 10

(the comma's between the numbers are meant to denote another set, so I did 5 sets total)

Walking Lunges wearing a 20lb X-Vest - 40 reps for each leg. My quads started to cramp up towards the end.

Zercher walks with Slosh Pipe - 50 yards

Standing Calf Raises - BW x 25 reps x 4 sets

I'm going to do some light yoga in a little bit. Nothing too crazy. Probably about 20 minutes or so.

On another note, tomorrow should be my final procedure related to my surgery. The seton is finally supposed to come out. Then, I can really concentrate on healing and getting back into shape. I'm not quite sure how invasive tomorrow will be, but I'll find out soon enough. If things feel good by the weekend, I think I might have to test out the legs against some light Prowler work. :)

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