Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stand up and shooooouuuuut!!!!!

I was debating calling this post 'Freeeeeeeeedddddoooooooooommm!', but I didn't think a Braveheart reference really applies to my situation.

I just returned from what is hopefully my last procedure related to my surgery. I finally had the seton removed. The doctor said the seton did a good job cutting through the area and showed me that it traveled through about two inches of muscle. No wonder why it hurt so damn much.

I'll be a little sore later once the local anesthetics wear off, but I already feel a ton better. Besides the pain, the seton causes a lot of irritation and it feels great to get it out of me. Just sitting down as I write this feels AMAZING!

I made sure to ask if there was any medical reason whatsoever why I can't workout and he said there wasn't any. I specifically asked, "Squats? Yoga?" He said it's all good at this point.

I'm not completely out of the woods yet. It's still going to drain a bit as it heals up and there's a tract that we are still concerned about finally collapsing, but I think in a few weeks, it will all be fine. I have a follow up in three weeks, so we'll know more then. Worst case is that I might need another procedure to manually clean it up, but that should be an in-and-out, recovery in a few days type of thing. I can deal with that.

Sang this (poorly) on the way back to work from the doctor:

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