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WonderCon 2011, Saturday: Up, up and away! And I still love Cindy Morgan!

Fair warning: This is totally going to be a stream of consciousness post. Plus, I'm watching Caddyshack as I'm posting this, which may make sense later on.

This is technically only my second WonderCon experience, but I felt like an expert because I had been there before and not much had changed.

I arrived at about 10:30 and walked within a few minutes. I purchased my tickets in advance, which was a short line, but the line to purchase tickets was short as well. This was different from 2009 where the line to buy tickets was super long ridiculous, but the line for pre-purchased tickets was super short. I'm not sure if in the future there's much benefit to buying tickets in advance other than the price break.

I was kind of disappointed in the costumes this year. Not to be mean, but there were more than a few people wearing Slave Leia outfits that had no business wearing them. I mean, go to the gym or something. Outside of that, there was a disappointing lack of Wonder Woman and Supergirl costumes. I didn't see a single Power Girl costume, which was really a heartbreaker for me as I thought I might meet my wife in a Power Girl costume.

The only panel I attended was for Cowboys and Aliens, which was totally awesome. Admittedly, it's hard to be objective when you attend these panels because you get caught up in the energy of the crowd and the enthusiasm of the director. In this case, Jon Favreau, who I love anyway.

One of the questions he was asked was that despite the fact he's not directing Iron Man 3, would still do a cameo as Happy Hogan. He seemed down with it.

He made a joke about Seth MacFarlane and Family Guy making fun of the fact that he casts himself in every movie, but it was totally tongue-in-cheek. He had a good sense of humor about himself.

If I intended to ask a question myself, I would have asked him if he intended on doing a sequel to Swingers, set 20 years later. I think this is an awesome idea, but I wasn't sure I wanted to share it will the Esplande Ballroom. :)

When he was asked a question about Olivia Wilde, he said that Olivia told him to relay back to the audience at WonderCon that she's sleeps in the nude. This got a big round of applause from the audience. Isn't Olivia married? That kind of ruins stuff like that for me. I don't give a fuck if a married chick sleeps in the nude. That's totally irrelevant to me.

On another note, this panel was almost completely ruined by some dumbass that brought their infant in with them, who didn't stop crying the entire length of the panel. After a few seconds, you could see all the people start to look in her direction and comment. Despite this, she hung around for far too long and didn't officially leave until they stopped showing the movie clips.

Seriously, how fucking selfish and self-absorbed are you to do something like this? Are you new to the world? You didn't think your infant baby wouldn't cry through the panel? I fucking hate people like this cause they have kids and shouldn't. Don't mother fuckers like you realize that once you have kids, you're not allowed to do stuff like this anymore? Stay home and take care of your child.

These are the same dumb-ass mother fuckers that answer a phone during a movie. If you're that important to the world, do you really have the time to see a movie? Are you needed in surgery? Will someone die if you don't just let it go to voicemail and call back after? Jesus! There used to be a day where people would not answer a phone right away and not call back immediately. Remember the days before cell phones? When people called people at normal hours. Fuckers...

Anyway, Favreau seems like a really cool guy that's totally into the movies that he makes. I love the passion he has for his projects. He stressed that he made this movie not to be funny cause he was making fun of the genre, but funny because of the juxtaposition of the genres of movies he's fusing. The clips he showed us really seemed to illustrate that.

Oh, they showed us an exclusive 9 minutes of footage from Cowboys and Aliens, including a first glimpse of the actual alien from the movie. He said this is the only clip anyone will see before the movie comes out. Not in the next trailer or any of the commercials or anything, so bppppplllllssshhshshs! The footage was awesome! I'm convinced this movie will just kick fucking ass.

When walking in the main convention floor, there were huge lines for some exclusive DC Brightest Light figure set or something. This line was gone by the afternoon, but the figures were still available.

The DC booth was aimed exclusively towards pushing Green Lantern. Since the Green Lantern panel was on Friday, fuck you, Green Lantern. The buzz from the panel was good, but it strikes me as odd that they chose Friday to do the panel, when typically Saturday is the 'movie day' for the panels.

The Marvel booth was pushing both Thor and Captain America, but seemed to be focusing on the video games for both. I was shocked that they didn't have a Thor panel considering it comes out in May. I'm not sure if that's a good sign or bad sign. No Cap panel either. I wonder why Marvel is snubbing WonderCon. Um...fuck you, Marvel, too.

Back to the convention floor. The majority of the floor was your typical comic/memorabilia booths. I was tempted to buy a few things, but for the most part most of the stuff was stuff you can get online for the same price, if not cheaper.

The highlight for me is always the awesome costumes and "autograph alley". They pretty much dedicate the last few rows of the convention floor to celebrities signing autographs and memorabilia.

I got a few pictures from an artist, Greg Horn, who is fucking awesome!. My only regret is that I didn't have enough money to buy all of the stuff he had to offer. I got a great Superman picture and Power Girl picture. He had some awesome Avengers stuff that I was tempted to buy as well. His Batman and Hulk art was 'the shit'. His biggest seller, ironically, seemed to be a Scarecrow picture. He also had several Emma Frost pictures that I can only describe as 'masturbatory'. This guy is awesome and was a super nice guy!

My first autograph was an autographed picture from Peter Mayhew, who was fucking Chewbacca. Chewbacca! What a Wookie! I shook his hand and his hand was like twice the size of mine. Mind you, he's like 7'2", but still. Just huge hands. He barely looked up from his lap and I kind of felt bad for him. One dipshit walked up and was being all loud and calling him 'Chewie' and stuff and was just being generally annoying. I can imagine that majority of people Mr. Mayhew has had to deal with at conventions like this have been like this. Sure, he's getting paid good money for pics and autographs, but this annoying mother fucker made a big scene and then only paid for an un-autographed picture, which amounted to a $5 dollar purchase. Douche-bag!

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Lou Ferrigno. Now, I'll say that he seemed like a nice enough guy. He said hello to me, shook my hand and gave me a knowing nod (I'm assuming cause he could tell I lift weights and stuff), but I also saw him turn away many, many people just asking him to sign simple pictures and other stuff. He was charging $40 for an autograph on the stuff you brought to him, which seemed a little harsh. It was to a point where one of the guys from the original Battlestar Galactica (Boomer) came over and kind of yelled at him to be more respectful.

He was only charging $25 for his own stock pictures, but they weren't really good pictures, so I couldn't make a decision and decided not to get anything. He was also charging $40 for a polaroid photo op. Yes, a genuine 5 x 3 polaroid. Seriously, dude? I would have gotten a autograph if he offered a pic of him putting Jason Segal in a sleeper hold from I Love You, Man. That I would have paid for. Hell, I'd be down for a photo op with him putting me in a sleeper hold. He's still in great shape though. I'll give him that. His arms are still sick.

Speaking of Battlestar Galactica, they had the original Boomer and Apollo, who also played Tom Zarek from the new Battlestar Galactia. Despite loving this show (both versions), I didn't recognize either person. Richard Hatch was wearing sunglasses and didn't have his hair done up at all, so I didn't even realize he was signing autographs at first. He did seem to talk to people and shake hands, so at least he was engaging the fans.

The Honky Tonk Man was also in attendance, offering $10 photo ops with a title belt. In 2009, it was Honky Tonk Man with Greg "The Hammer" Valentine. He seemed like a nice guy and wasn't just going though the motions.

Jaws from the Bond movies was there. He's an older gent and looked like he was in pain.

Caught a short glimpse for former Playboy playmate and Attack of the Show correspondent, Sara Underwood. She's cute as hell in person. I'll give her that. Tiny as a speck though. My buddy Peter said, "You'd break her in half!" She had a long line for autographs, so I decided to pass on that. If it was Candace Bailey, I might have braved the line.

The longest line for autographs was for Elvira: Mistress of the Night. Her line was crazy. I was able to sneak a few pictures of her despite the line. She even posted for random pictures though, which was cool. She was totally into the scene. Still looked awesome, too! I had heard that they had gotten a new person to be Elvira, but I don't think that was the case tonight. She looked like the original Elvira.

I passed on a chance for a photo up with The Soup Nazi. He was signing autographs and charging reasonable price, but man, someone would ask him a question and he would launch into a 15 minute conversation. I had my wallet out and was ready to get a picture with him, but then some dude asked him the 'wrong' question and I lost him. I just couldn't wait around any longer and bolted.

Directly behind him was Cindy Morgan. If you don't know who Cindy Morgan is, then you're either a woman or under the age of 30. For the rest of you, Cindy Morgan played the sole female supporting/lead role in Caddyshack (Lacey) or the only female lead from Tron (Yori). This is a woman that I have had a crush on from a very early age and one of the first set of boobs I've ever seen on film. I didn't tell her that, but I wonder how it would have gone had I mentioned the crush. Anyway, she was a total sweetheart and yes, a total MILF. Actually, I'm not sure if she is technically a MILF, as I don't know if she's a mother, but either way, I'd still like to do nasty things to her. She signed a nice picture for me and even thanked me, by name, as I walked away. I love her!

I'll try to post pictures on my FB profile later. No pictures of Cindy Morgan, unfortunately.

I may go back for a few hours on Sunday, but I'm on the fence.

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