Friday, April 3, 2015

The return of AngryVader...

Or should it be revenge?

So after a long hiatus, I decided to start updating the blog again. I had just gotten burnt out on forcing myself to sit through a series of shitty movies and I was killing myself trying to keep up with it. I'm not a natural writer, so it was taking me dozens of hours a week to keep it updated.

I've been posting short reviews on my Facebook page for a year or so, so I'll basically be cut and pasting that stuff here. They'll be much shorter and a little more based on my feel rathern than nitpicking critique. I always felt like I was talking out of my ass when going on about things like direction and cinematography. Like I have any experience with that stuff.

It should be more fun this time around, so I hope you all enjoy the (new) blog.

Hope to hear from you all...

- Vader

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