Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm back...uh oh...

People have been asking me to bring my blog back, so here it is. I can't promise daily updates, but I'll do what I can.

As part of my bringing the blog back, I actually plan on not drinking any beer between now and April 1st. Now this doesn't necessarily mean I won't be drinking at all. In fact, I'm on a vodka-cran bender as I write this, but the bloat of beer I can't handle anymore. I do have a no drinking on work nights policy that I'm sticking to, but it's fucking Saturday and I don't have shit to do in the morning...

So to catch people up...back in July, I thought I was going to need surgery again, so I stopped blogging in anticipation of my layoff from training. At the last minute, I had a surprising recovery and didn't need the surgery. The ironic part is that I went to train the day I was supposed to have the surgery and ended up pulling a back muscle and had to stop training for a while.

I was able to come back to the gym about a month later, but by then the blog habits had stopped and it was in the middle of summer. I've been training pretty much non-stop ever since. I've even made some pretty great personal bests since then. I've been able to front squat 315 x 3 off a box, Romanian deadlift 455 x 4 and floor press 275 x 2. These are all personal bests at an age of 37 when just a few years ago I thought injuries had got the best of me.

My current goal actually is a to lose a few pounds. I was 211 the day after Superbowl. I was 196 on Friday. I'd like to get to about 185 by April, but I care more about getting my waist measurement down.

I won't recap past workouts, but here's what I did today. Prowler and Farmers Walks.


20 min of foam rolling and 40 min of yoga



180 x 30 yards x 2, 230 x 30 x 2, 250 x 30 x 2, 260 x 30 x 2

Prowler Low Handles:

150 x 30 x 2, 160 x 30 x 2

Prowler Chest Throws:

155 x 30 x 2

Prowler Back Pulls:

155 x 30 x 2

Prowler Shoulder Raises:

75 x 30 x 2

Farmers Walk:

112 x 25 yards x 2 - These were with Tyler Grips

112 x 25 yards x 2 - These were with Fat Gripz

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