Sunday, March 13, 2011

Short Sunday session and Battle: Los Angeles movie review.

Well, despite me setting my clocks ahead at 7 pm on Saturday, I still managed to sleep-in until about 10:30. I guess I needed it, but still, it really put me behind today. No yoga or foam rolling for me. I was pretty 'achy' today, so I probably could have used it.

I've been taking a single scoop of Geraniamo! from before my Prowler sessions and I think I really like it. I've had a ton of energy for my sessions this weekend despite feeling pretty tired from the dieting. I mix that with a full serving of NO-Holds N-O and a gram of Beta-Alanine.

As far as supplements go, I'm kind of a whore. I really love their stuff. I get most of my stuff from there, most of my vitamins from and then a few things from and Biotest. I'll have do a post sometime soon outlining all the supplements I take, as I feel that are a few supplements I take that I think everyone should be using (and most people that have started using them have had great things to say about them).

Anyway, short session today. I had fully intended on doing a full session, but my workout was interrupted by all these fucking people showing up for some kind of Lacrosse or Field Hockey practice or whatever the fuck they do. It's really annoying, too, because this is a Middle School and the girls showing up to the practice are driving themselves. So, they are clearly of High School age. What, they don't have a practice field at their own High School? It's not available on Sunday? Fuckers!

Prowler - Drive Pad:

180 x 30 yards x 2, 230 x 30 x 2, 260 x 2

Prowler - Reverse Push:

180 x 30 x 2, 190 x 30 x 2, 195 x 2

At this point, I had a quit when everyone started to show up for their practice. I was going to make up for it after the movie, but then it started to rain, so there went that. Now that we have more daylight though, I'll probably start adding shorter Prowler finishing sessions after work.

Battle: Los Angeles movie review:

Again, since it's opening weekend, no spoilers.

I didn't think this was bad, but I was actually kind of disappointed in this. It was just kind of blah for me. It's more of a general 'war' movie, than a sci-fi movie. The story and dialog are just pretty generic. I didn't feel like there was anything new here, including the aliens. I felt it was just going through the motions.

If you're into these types of movies, see it at a matinée. Otherwise, wait for Blu-Ray.

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